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Hotel Marketing: What we can learn from the unhappy guests!

Anyone who has worked in customer service has probably encountered an incident related to a frustrated customer. Understanding is the first step in dealing with anything, so we believe we will help you identify the most proper way to turn an unhappy guest into a valuable resource.

Dealing with angry or unhappy customers is an inevitable part of any business, and it’s important to cope and learn to handle it, even gaining valuable insight from these situations.

Your customers’ needs are different, some of them travel for business, some of them to create new experiences and some others simply want to see new places. On the other hand, some people have too many expectations and the slightest thing can be considered as a failure in the dreamy vacation they imagined.

Many times, the reasons of the reservation are purely emotional. They want to spend some time alone, to renew their relationship, to have a special night with their partner, recover from non-stop work or just have fun.

People complain when they feel they are not given the importance they expect. What you need to do is understand that they just want someone to listen to their needs. Obviously, not all customers would be happy as the service also contains a subjective part that differentiates in every person.

Sometimes hotel owners and managers focus on their strategies and lose sight of the human being. So, the answer to the question “what we can learn from the unhappy guests” is to care on a human level.

GuestHouse Rentals helps you understand how to turn unhappy customers into a valuable resource for your business, improving their overall experience regarding your hotel/lodging.

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