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How to create a great website for your hotel/lodging

The most important point from which you can highlight your work is your website. No one will make a hotel reservation unless he can see your hotel’s facilities in detail.

Be mobile friendly

The majority of the guests will make a hotel reservation through their mobile phones so your website should be optimized for this case. If a website isn’t user friendly, it gets penalised by search engines (like Google) and ranking systems.

Make your website beautiful

Content is the key! Beautiful images and videos will make users want to visit your website constantly. An innovative website for your hotel will lead the user to make the coveted booking.

Simplify your guest’s experience

The user wants to make the reservation with the fewest possible clicks. Simplify the navigation in order to feel as effortless as possible.  Keep your homepage as simple as possible, filling it only with the necessary information and you will definitely win. Confused customers are not the goal we want to achieve.

Booking Engine

Our opinion is that all hotels should invest in one booking engine that is embedded to their website. Ensure that is user-friendly and encourage your guests to make their reservation through your website.

Customer reviews

 It is very important for customers to understand that you give them the opportunity to express their opinion in a clear manner so create a testimonial section.

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