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Social Media Engagement: What you should know

Social Media is one of your most important channels of communication with customers. Your online presence gives you the opportunity to build direct relationships with customers.

Of course, your actions towards success are measurable. So, let’s check in detail what engagement means.

Likes, comments, shares, clicks are some of the interactions that appear as soon as you publish a post. Social Media provide you with the statistics of your page and your posts that will help you understand what your guests prefer.

#1 Create an emotional connection with your users

Don’t make impersonal posts and get to know your users. Use your imagery and writing style and build strong relationships with your customers.

#2 Run competitions

Competitions will boost your page and will create the engagement you need with your customers. But, avoid running competitions too often because they will attract many users that only care for them.

#3 Find the right audience and target it

A very important part of the process is to check who likes your post and secondly, target them. Targeting the right audience is more useful than targeting large crowds so use your posts wisely.

#4 Publish relevant, quality content

Create nice and creative content for your audience. Well-written and aesthetically pleasing posts will increase your engagement and will be your point of identification.

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