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Your hotel needs a mobile app

We have all now realized that mobile is the extension of our hand. User-friendliness is the first thought of all companies and so they do their best to satisfy their customers. Below you will find the reasons why you should create a mobile app for your hotel.

#1 Enhance the guest experience

As we mentioned above the goal is always to keep the customer happy. Users will use the app to make reservations, read recommendations, check out your services, book an offer and much more. Also, you can provide live chat to give your guests the ability to check-in through the app or have access to their room through a digital key.

#2 Your app will increase your hotel revenue

You can use your app to promote special offers/ deals with direct messages or push notifications. Also, during customer stay, you can make personal offers as you will have a better understanding of your customers’ preferences.

#3 Your direct sales will increase

That is the purpose of your business. Bookings will increase as customer engagement increases. Reduction of the OTA commission will occur after direct bookings increase.

#4 Increase guest loyalty

Create a loyalty program and integrate it to your mobile app. Show to your customers the benefits of being a member of the loyalty program (offers, discounts to facilities).

#5 Improve your image

The app will help you be seen as innovator in the field of hospitality. In the meanwhile, your brand image will improve.

#6 The operational efficiency will improve

Over the last years the guests prefer to make their check-ins online and ideally through their mobile. Also, a mobile key will streamline your guest experience and in case your hotel has many visitors, there will be no queues at the reception.

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